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Can you let me know the GPL Price for =

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Dear Mr. Nasser
Good day to you!
Kindly find attached =
offer for your kind review as per your request
Awaiting to hear back =
from you soon
Thank you
Eng. Lama
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Dear Qattan

The answer from IWG is 
Our =
discount for the hardware is 76% off the list price.
Our discount for the license is 78.55% off the list =
To enable consistent pricing, you =
should be using the GLOBAL RNSD Number 43249112.
Thank You & Best Regards  

On May 20, 2023, at 5:44 PM, wrote:
Dear =
Kindly we need to quote the following items with =
discount 76% from Cisco registrar under customers name IWG =
MR46  Quantity 7, with 7 =
years license, and 1 year HW warranty 
The end customer is : =
International Works Group (IWG)
Contact Person:
Nasser shatara
Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Joe dughlas 
Senior Infrastructure =
Address: WorkPlace (Regus) Amma =
armad tower , center 5316

<L23292(Meraki Access =